Social Media Guru

Today’s society is embedded in a phone-centric culture, which means social media has become a leading means of communication between companies and their customers. Most companies are resistant to hiring a full-time social media employee while most third-party social media content providers don’t understand the industry and how we do business.


But social media is one of the most cost-effective marketing channels for businesses. A strong social media strategy has proven to increase qualified leads with high conversion rates that are easily measurable. It helps increase brand awareness and loyalty in your marketplace, while making your company appear more advanced than your competitors. Utilizing CVSN’s industry-experienced Social Media Guru solution can make your company become the leader, more effectively delivering your corporate messaging through the right platforms.


Services provided include (but not limited to):

  • Focused content creation
  • Industry trends
  • New product offerings and specials
  • Employee profiles
  • Management of monthly ads
  • Content Effectiveness Reporting
  • Strategy development based on intended audience


CVSN Pillar Community:
Industry Awareness / Marketing


CVSN Group Solutions Partner:
NetSource Technologies (


With NetSource, you get a team of expert marketing professionals all focused on working toward your business success. Receive a customized mix of marketing tactics embedded in a proven advanced strategic marketing methodology. 


If you’re interested, contact CVSN Industry Awareness Staff Liaison Jessica Dibble directly and she will walk you through the potential solutions you need and make the introduction between you and NetSource Technologies.

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About CVSN Group Solutions:
CVSN member companies and their teams are amongst the best in North America at manufacturing, distributing, and installing parts for the independent heavy duty aftermarket channel. But due to limited resources and time, there are always occasions when it is more cost-effective to outsource to third-party experts.


Each CVSN Pillar Community is charged with identifying industry-appropriate opportunities for our member companies, allowing us to provide a reliable ecosystem of third-party solution partners for CVSN members at a below-market rates.


CVSN also has a number of Business Service Provider (BSP) members who have joined the association to participate in the growth and improvement of the industry. These companies also have strong, existing relationships with individual CVSN members.