Right to Repair - Get Involved!






The REPAIR Act preserves access to high quality and affordable vehicle repairs as motor vehicle technology advances, ensuring that commercial fleet owners and their repairers of choice have equal access to repair and maintenance data. The American economy depends upon the goods and services made available by the commercial heavy duty vehicle trucking industry – but this industry will falter without right to repair.


Check out this great video on the REPAIR Act web site (The Repair Association):




In November of 2023, the REPAIR Act was passed by the Subcommittee on Innovation, Data, and Commerce, a critical milestone for the bill. However, two representatives introduced amendments to the bill that would remove heavy duty vehicles from the legislation. Particularly if your representative is a member of this committee, we need you to get involved and send a letter to your U.S. representative urging them to support HR 906, the REPAIR Act, when it’s considered by the House Energy and Commerce Committee in the coming weeks. Contact CVSN staff directly for assistance in verbiage and submitting your request to your representative.


For those not in battleground states, it is important to understand Right to Repair and to help your federal and state representatives become more knowledgeable on the issues at hand. You can get involved in several ways: 

  • Add your name in support of the Repair Act.  You can contact your federal legislator to help keep trucks on the road using this link:
  • Reach out to your local and state legislator, use the talking points above, and make your voice heard!
  • Volunteer your time to CVSN’s Legislative Committee, reach out to staff liaison Kristen Kellogg for more information