IT Services Advisor

It is virtually impossible for any IT dept to keep up with the constant change in technology. IT leaders need partners that can expertly advise on them on how to evaluate, buy, and implement technology that will change their bottom line. We’re here to be that partner.


A good advisor can take you through the entire IT service acquisition process from start to end: identifying the problem, defining the requirements, exploring potential solutions, and selecting the best solutions supplier for your business. And with purchasing power comes better pricing than any one company can get on their own. Give us a try and we’ll show you how to pick the best service for the best price!


Services provided include (but not limited to):

  • Cybersecurity
  • Communication Systems
  • Contact Center
  • Secure Access (SASE)
  • Telecom
  • Cloud / Managed Services


CVSN Pillar Community:


CVSN Group Solutions Partner:
C3 Technology Advisors (


Founded in 2008, C3 Technology Advisors enable executives and IT professionals to make strategic business tech decisions and best-fit tech procurements. Our team of trusted tech advisors, engineers, and project managers have the depth of knowledge and experience to help you vet hundreds of tech solutions and options, and ultimately select and install the optimal one(s).


If you’re interested, contact CVSN Technology Staff Liaison Edward Kuo directly and he will walk you through the potential solutions you need and make the introduction between you and C3 Technology Advisors.

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About CVSN Group Solutions:
CVSN member companies and their teams are amongst the best in North America at manufacturing, distributing, and installing parts for the independent heavy duty aftermarket channel. But due to limited resources and time, there are always occasions when it is more cost-effective to outsource to third-party experts.


Each CVSN Pillar Community is charged with identifying industry-appropriate opportunities for our member companies, allowing us to provide a reliable ecosystem of third-party solution partners for CVSN members at a below-market rates.


CVSN also has a number of Business Service Provider (BSP) members who have joined the association to participate in the growth and improvement of the industry. These companies also have strong, existing relationships with individual CVSN members.