About the Commercial Vehicle Aftermarket

(with special thanks to CVSN Member MacKay & Company)

While the lines between different segments of the motor vehicle parts industry continually blur, the commercial vehicle (sometimes referred to as "heavy-duty") aftermarket generally refers to the parts manufactured and sold to service larger vehicles in operation. This includes, but are not limited to:

  • Medium sized delivery vehicles (Class 5-7)
  • On-highway tractors and trailers (Class 8)
  • Off-highway / construction


Component parts are manufactured for two primary purposes - to be assembled by an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), or to be used in the maintenance, repair or upfit of existing trucks in operation (aftermarket). These aftermarket parts are distributed through two primary channels - the original equipment dealer network and the independent distributor. The majority of these aftermarket parts are then sold to and installed by repair/service operations including dealers, independent repair facilities, or to truck fleets that may have their own repair and maintenance facilities.   


The independent commercial vehicle aftermarket supports the trucking industry, which is a primary and essential piece of the supply chain infrastructure around the world. Trucks deliver product and goods everywhere - without trucks, the economy fails.


The following charts show some of the latest statistics on the size of the 

Courtesy MacKay & Company


 Courtesy MacKay & Company



CVSN members consist of the parts manufacturers, independent distributors, and independent service/repair facilities that support the purchase and sale of commercial vehicle aftermarket parts. 


For more information on the commercial vehicle aftermarket, please contact CVSN staff.