Our Legislative Pillar Community is the industry's consolidated voice on legislation and regulations affecting our members' ability to compete in their marketplace. We work to educate elected representatives - and our own members - on key issues like "Right to Repair". By simply elevating awareness of new laws can make a significant difference to our members.


Participating as part of this Pillar Community will help you become more aware of pending laws and regulations being developed at different levels of the government and agencies that may affect the way you do business. Each new policy requires education and implementation - both of which can affect your company's bottom line.


Our Legislative Community work groups are working on the following projects:

  • Right to Repair
  • Magnusson Moss


Changes to current "Right to Repair" legislation is actively being debated in Congress. "Right to Repair" involves many more industries beyond motor vehicles including electronics, appliances, and medical devices. CVSN's primary role is to ensure that individual fleets and independent repair facilities have access and understanding of the failure and maintenance codes from OEM systems so they can continue to work on commercial vehicles. This offers the end users a fair and competitive marketplace.


TELL CONGRESS: SUPPORT RIGHT TO REPAIR!  Please click HERE to contact your federal legislator and ask them to preserve the future of the commercial vehicle repair industry.

Please utilize the following templates when reaching out to your members of Congress or communicating internally (employees), externally (suppliers, customers).  A big thank you to our friends at FleetPride for providing these:

HD Letter Template (Congress)

Cover Letter (to be used with the above template)

Internal Communication Template

External Communication Template


To join the Legislative Pillar Community, send an e-mail to legislative@cvsn.org and a CVSN team member will connect with you.