Industry Awareness / Marketing



While the commercial vehicle aftermarket continues to grow, the potential work force continues to shrink. Following the recent Covid-19 pandemic, the essential nature of the trucking industry became apparent to the public consumers. The need to move commercial goods across the country, then deliver those goods the final mile to the consumer has proven to be critical to the North American economy. 

Our Industry Awareness / Marketing Pillar Community focuses on innovative ways to present the industry as essential, reliable, and growing. Additionally, we need to attract new talent - individuals ranging from skilled technicians to executives with entrepreneurial experience and business savvy. The level of professionalism continues to grow in the industry, but we need to find more people who can continue to make the independent side stronger.

Our Industry Awareness / Marketing Pillar Community work groups are working on the following projects:

  • Industry-wide promotional video that can be shared by CVSN members
  • Establishing and expanding relationships with educational and technical institutions
  • Developing new ways to identify work-force talent who would thrive in our market
  • Group Solutions including
  • Fractional Social Media Guru
  • Heavy Duty Career Opportunities

To join the Industry Awareness / Marketing Pillar Community, send an e-mail to and a CVSN team member will connect with you.